Getting customers is the crux of every business.

No matter how established your company is. The more you get customers, the better for your company.

At Pixel, we know how hard it is to drive trafic to your website.

But you don't run a website to get traffic... you run it to get business, right?

Our mission is to turn more visitors into customers.

By upgrading your website into a well-oiled selling machine, you will give yourself an edge over the competition.

Why we focus on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Since 2003, I've launched or contributed to several online businesses. As a full stack marketer, I've been involved in all kinds of digital marketing activities. And I still test every new tactic to grow my sites' revenue.

So... Why did I choose to focus our offer only on conversion rate optimization services ?

Because CRO delivers so much value to my clients. It's hard to find any other marketing activity that delivers so much, so fast.

When you get an A/B test with a 30% uplift in conversions on all your pages, what can beat that ? Only the next test...

We focus on CRO because we want you to get a positive ROI as fast as possible. And we believe that today on average, CRO is one of the highest ROI marketing activity.

Our launch - The story

A while back, I was not so satisfied with the conversion rate of one of my sites. I was pretty sure I was not taking every opportunity to generate leads from my visitors.

So I looked for a 2nd advice, and after interviewing a few experts, I hired Thomas for a few months. Our collaboration went really well.

A while later, I was telling him about my wish to go for new challenges.

He joked that maybe it would be his turn to hire me.

Pixel Marketing was born.


We work with many marketing tools, but there is one tool that we love so much that we partnered with them. 

Beampulse certification Adrien Lafond

Beampulse is a 4-in-1 CRO tool : 

  • Heatmap tool
  • A/B testing tool
  • Personalization tool
  • and eventually a real-time marketing tool


Adrien Lafond google analytics certification

We're data nerds.
Here is the page of our Google Analytics certification

What's coming next

With a growing list of clients, our young marketing agency is thrilled to hire our first employee, by the end of 2015 / early 2016.

Are you a CRO expert, a seasoned digital marketer, or a hands-in entrepreneur ? We definitely want to hear from you.

Drop us a line, with your favorite marketing successes and failures. Fast response guaranteed.