Web personalization with geolocation

Is your website displaying the same message for each and every visitor ?

As Chris Anderson puts it, "The mass marketing is turning into a mass of niches".

A targeted message for each of your identified segment of audience is the stairway to greater conversion rates. And it is so much easier to write a strong message, when you know who you are talking to.

For years, when I headed to Google analytics to find an answer, I was inevitably caught up by all the data, and felt confused about the answer. 

Does this confusion sound familiar ? 

It doesn't have to be that way, and hopefully since then I found great advice to keep my mind clear.

The fact is, with web analytics, if you don't know in advance what you looking for, you will just die in front of your screen, overwhelmed with data.


Beampulse is the Swiss knife of conversion rate optimization.

It addresses 2 essential aspects of your marketing activities :
Getting the right data to make informed decisions, and putting it into action to get results.

After reading this review, you may think their User Interface looks like Excel 95 - which is not entirely untrue.

But since Beampulse is up to 68% cheaper than the competition ... It's still worth considering its top-level features.



Why do visitors behave the way they do on your website ?

For our delights, more and more tools are addressing this question: The "Why".

If you're lucky enough to count a heatmap tool in your marketing arsenal, this post will show you 15 powerful ways to use it.